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Posted on April 30, 2019 in General

1. When the box comes, look over it by yourself before the first of the month.

I recently wrote a blog, where I give you tips on getting started each month with your Krate. Check out my post. It should only take you about five minutes to get prepared each week. Having those five minutes of prep time is a good thing to help get your creative juices and prayers going.

2. Set a day and time of the week that you do your weekly crafts as a family.

Kids thrive on consistency and routine. It’s hard earned. Sometimes getting my kids on a routine feels impossible, but once kids establish a routine they are routine fanatics. Routines help kids know what to expect, and we want our kids to know and expect that Jesus is important to our families.

3. Set visual reminders for the weekly questions.

This really helps. Setting literal phone reminders that go off during bedtime or dinner time that help you remember to start a conversation about the weekly topic. I like the “old fashion” approach of notes on my mirror and dashboard of my car. Feel free to make little notecards each week with the questions on them and put them in your purse for the right moments at the grocery store or doctor’s office. Whatever helps you build those daily rhythms will help build daily consistency.

4. Pray over your Kids Faith Krate times.

Talk to your Heavenly Father about what you want for your Kids Faith Krate time with your kids. Add your Kids Faith Krate family time to your prayer needs each day. Ask others to pray for you and your family during this time. God wants to meet with you and your family as you make disciples in your family. Pour out your heart to him.

5. If you get behind or if something isn’t working, move on. It’s ok.

We want to teach our kids that their faith is a gift of grace as opposed to something they earn through performance and good behavior, so practice what you preach. If you get behind or take extra time on a week, it’s ok. If you need to skip something that’s not working for your family, it’s ok. Give yourself grace. This can also be a teaching moment. We aren’t doing Kids Faith Krate to get something from God. We are doing Kids Faith Krate to meet with God, to know him, to grow in gratitude for him, and to love him more and more. Practice grace. Little eyes are learning and looking at more than your words, but how you live out your love for Jesus as well.

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