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Posted on July 11, 2019 in General

1. Kids Faith Krate is not just for children; it is for families.

Kids Faith Krate is certainly for children, but if you think that’s all we are about you would be missing much of what you get with your subscription. Kids Faith Krate is primarily for families. Each month your kids will be excited to open our box, learn about the Bible and Jesus, and do their crafts. But our boxes are designed and written for the parent too! We provide direction for study, prompts, and tips for you to have faith-filled conversations with your kids all month long. We believe that making disciples starts at home. We are here to help you along the way!

2. Kids Faith Krate is not just a subscription box; it is a community.

You won’t just hear from us only one time a month when your box reaches your home. Teachers and ministers design Kids Faith Krate, and our tips and support come to your inbox and meet your family where you are at each week. Check out our monthly blogs and playlists. Follow us on social media to celebrate other families and gain inspiration for the month. We are passionate about helping your family, and we want you to know you are not alone in this journey.

3. Kids Faith Krate is not over when the craft is completed; it is a month of daily rhythms and faith conversations.

Our crafts rock! Kids learn better when they are moving, creating, and learning visually. Our crafts are thoughtfully designed and chosen to be hands-on, visual reminders of the spiritual truths and conversations happening in your home. Even after the crafts each week are completed, we provide lessons and family conversation prompts that last from week to week. We know that being consistent and knowing what to say in conversation to get talking about faith in Jesus in your home can be a challenge, so we designed Kids Faith Krate to help your family build daily rhythms and special moments to talk about your faith with your kids.

4. Kids Faith Krate is not just Bible stories; it is family discipleship.

Kids Faith Krate is full of Bible stories each month, but the heart behind our boxes is not just biblical information. We believe that the Bible is more than a collection of disconnected stories. We believe that the Bible is ONEstory about a God who rescues his people for himself. Kids Faith Krate is about fostering real faith and love for that God in our families. Kids Faith Krate is about family discipleship. As we have said before, family discipleship is using intentional and organic moments to teach your children to be followers of Jesus. It means making the most important thing in your life, your love for Jesus, the most important thing in your family. We are here to help you teach your children Biblical truths plus have conversations about having a relationship that comes from faith and love for Jesus Christ. We want that for our families, and we want that for your family too.

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