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Posted on January 28, 2020 in General

During the month of February, the Kids Faith Krate family is talking about love being an action. We are challenging your family to our “Love is a Verb Challenge”! Each day during the month of February, we have crafted a daily prompt for your family to help deepen your love for Jesus and the people around you. What a perfect time in the year to emphasize the love of Jesus with your children! Have fun! Share any photos of your challenge with us by tagging @kidsfaithkrate on social media. We’d love to see what you do!

  • February 1st: Love God! Make a list (as a family) of all the reasons you love God. Pray and thank him for those reasons.
  • February 2nd: Share a meal and share praise. During a family meal time, take time telling each other why you love them.
  • February 3rd: God’s love for us is an action. Have a family discussion about how God demonstrated his love for us. Decide how your family can love each other and the people in your life with love like Jesus today! (Romans 5:8)
  • February 4th: Love your church! Talk about a practical way your family can love and serve your church, “the body of Christ.”
  • February 5th: Go tell it! Tell 5 people today that God loves them.
  • February 6th: Love obeys! The Bible says if you love God, you will obey his commands. What command has God asked you to obey today? Read the 10 Commandments. (Exodus 20) Focus on one command today and practice loving God through obedience. (John 14)
  • February 7th: Do something nice for a neighbor in your neighborhood. If they ask why, let them know we love because Christ has loved us. (1 John 4)
  • February 8th: Talk about different ways that people who are in need are helped in your community. Partner with a community service (i.e. soup kitchen, pregnancy crisis center…) and help someone in need today.
  • February 9th: Nothing can separate you from God’s love. (Read Romans 8:35-39) Who can you befriend at school, sports, church … who might be feeling lonely or separated from God’s love? Actively be a friend to someone who is lonely today.
  • February 10th: God created everything! What are some ways we can love God by caring for his creation? Do something to care for God’s creation. (Clean up litter, take things to be recycled…etc.)
  • February 11th: Talk about your favorite worship songs that tells God you love him. Have a family time where you sing worship songs to God. (A great time is at bedtime or a kitchen dance party!)
  • February 12th: Remind yourself that God loves YOU! Read Psalm 139 before bed. Talk about ways that God made you special and thank God for those special qualities in you.
  • February 13th: Everyone is different! Talk about the different ways that God made people. What is a way that you can show love and respect to someone who is different than you? Make a plan with your child about how to treat people who look, act, or seem different than them. Practice this today at school, work, or play.
  • February 14th: Make a Valentine for someone unexpected! (a grandparent, a widow from church, or a neighbor, etc.)
  • February 15th: Have a “no complaining” day. Do your homework, housework…etc. with zero complaining. Observe how loved this makes your parents feel.
  • February 16th: Love is kind. Do something kind for your siblings or a family member.
  • February 17th: Love is sacrificial. God says you are my friend if you love one another as I have loved you. (John 15:12-17) What does it look like to sacrifice for your family and friends? Come up with one practical way, and do it today.
  • February 18th: God says to love him with your mind. Learn a new and amazing fact about God. Now share it with someone! (Mark 12:30)
  • February 19th: Some people are hard to love. Why? Do something kind for people who might be harder for you to love.
  • February 20th: Love does not boast. What does it mean to boast? Practice asking questions to other people before you talk about yourself. Start each conversation today with a question to the other person.
  • February 21st: Love is thankful. Write a thank you note to someone who has been good to you.
  • February 22nd: Love forgives. Who do you need to forgive? Pray for that person and practice forgiveness.
  • February 23rd: Prayer walk. Take a walk (or drive) around your neighborhood. Pray for the different people and things you see. Making a habit of prayer helps your heart be ready to love.
  • February 24th: Write a note to your teacher, Sunday school teacher, coach, or someone who has influenced you by loving you.
  • February 25th: Love is patient. Work on practicing patience all day. When you are tempted to want things fast. Remember that God patiently waits for you every day.
  • February 26th: Love does not envy. Make a list of all the ways God has provided for you like a good Father. What does envy look like? Practice being happy with what God has given you. Thank him for your list.
  • February 27th: Psalm 119 talks about how we should love God’s law. Why has God given us is law or his Word? Share your favorite Bible verse with your children and tell them why. Do they have a favorite verse?
  • February 28th: Do something creative. Make up a dance, paint, play playdough, build blocks…etc., but do it because you love God. Everything in life can be done because you love God. Talk about what that creative thing says about how you feel about God.
  • February 29th: Be a peacemaker. What does peace feel like? Today when you are tempted to argue, complain, or fight. Decide to make peace with the people around you.
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