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Posted on September 15, 2020 in General

People everywhere are talking about the upcoming presidential election. We hear about it on the radio. We see it on TV and social media. It is a common topic around the dinner table. 

Passions and voices are loud right now. My kids have picked up on all the heated discussions and have been asking questions. I realized they are trying to make sense of all the political discussions surrounding this important topic, and they need me to help them understand our presidential election from a Biblical perspective.

How should Christian parents talk about politics with their children? The emotion and intensity surrounding this topic can be hard for kids to understand, and we want our kids to securely rest in the hope and power of Jesus Christ during political turmoil and uncertainty. 

  1. Out of our hearts, our mouths speak.

It’s important that Christian parents talk about political issues and politicians in a way that is Godly, rather than join in the culture of slander. Our kids need to know how the Gospel influences every part of our lives, and how the Gospel influences how we speak. We must seek to be Christ-like in how we use our words, and this includes how we speak about the issue of politics. We must model to our children (and a watching world) the fruit of the Holy Spirit through our words in this political season, rather than demean or dehumanize those who have different political affiliations.

This type of speech can only come from the heart, for as Luke 6:45 says, “ … Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” We cannot lead our children in this area if we have not first examined our own hearts. Christian parents, is the hope of your heart fully and completely grounded in the reality that Jesus is the King of all Kings? Are you resting in the reality that Jesus stands above it all and at the end of history where every knee bows and every tongue confesses that he is Lord? It is only when our heart rests in this sure foundation that we can speak about politics in a God-glorifying, God-honoring way infused with the love, joy, and the peace of the Holy Spirit. Politics is important, and our talk about politics should flow from our trust in Jesus, who sits on the throne above it all.

  1. Talk about the Kingdom of God. 

The phrase “Kingdom of God” is an important concept that Jesus spoke about everywhere he went during his time on this earth. So what is “the Kingdom of God?” My husband often says, “The Kingdom of God is everywhere Jesus is King.” 

There are many earthly kingdoms that rise and fall; but, for the Christian, our truest citizenship and allegiances lie firmly fixed where Jesus is King. Every kingdom on this earth will fail us, but we belong to a kingdom that will never fail us. Jesus modeled for us that we must pray for God’s Kingdom or come and his will to be done (Mt 6:9). We must believe in hope and trust that no matter what is happening in our world today and no matter which candidate wins the election this November, Jesus reigns above it all. As Proverbs 16:33, “The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord.

Does your discussions about politics model for your children a priority of the Kingdom of God above all else? Have you offered your children the comfort that comes from knowing that Jesus is King over it all? Are you leading your children to hope in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his kingdom? (Mk 1:15)

  1. Speak of the hope of our future.

In this season, we are longing for a better world. On November 3rd, we will do our best to prayerfully vote our convictions on just policies and candidates. But Christians are called to look to the future with an ultimate hope that is firmly fixed on the day when Jesus will come again. Politics help us cope with the sin, sad, and bad things in our current, broken world, but we must not put messianic expectations on any election to save our world. Our world already has a Savior, and his plan is not changed by the win or loss of a candidate (Pr 13:12). King Jesus’s plan is to make all things new. He alone stands at the end of history and will wipe away every tear for every eye, destroy the kingdom of darkness, and make our world new (Rev 21). 

At the end of the day, if we have only passed on to our children our political affiliations and have not offered them Jesus and his kingdom, we have failed. If we have modeled slander, fear, and rage as proper discourse among fellow Americans, we have failed. We must model political responsibility that is rooted in the confidence we have in our Savior and conversations infused with Christ-like kindness. As we pray with our children about the coming election, we must pray with the words of scripture, “Come Lord Jesus, Come!” (Rev 22:20). Finally, as we take our children with us to vote, we must disciple them in the hope of Jesus that will never disappoint and in his kingdom that will never end. 

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