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About Kids Faith Krate

Kids Faith Krate was created by parents and church leaders who know that teaching your children about God can be a challenging task. What started as a personal new year’s resolution for our founder, quickly turned into a calling from the Lord to create a tool for families to grow in their faith. We pray that Kids Faith Krate does just that for your family!

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About Our Team

The Team

Charity is one of our amazing writers who puts together the activities and guides for our boxes. She is a Children’s Director for a church and will soon be graduating with her Masters in Counseling from Denver Seminary.

Kate is also a writer for us. She is the mom of three boys, a pastor’s wife, and has a rich background in children and youth ministries. She also has experience in education and curriculum writing.

Mallory is our third incredibly talented writer. She is currently an editor and copywriter for a church, a firefighter’s wife, and the mom of two. She has a Master of Arts in Theology and has written children’s curriculum for churches in the past.

Our graphic designer, Alicia, is more talented than words can say! She designs our cards for our boxes each month and makes them look perfect. She works as a graphic designer for a church.

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About Lynsey Gabert

Our founder Lynsey is a former teacher, now stay at home mom of two. After praying about how the Lord wanted her to begin discipleship with her children, God revealed an even bigger plan that grew into Kids Faith Krate.

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What Others Are Saying

Testimonials about Kids Faith Krate

“This is a DREAM TEAM that launched Kids Faith Krate! I can’t wait to get my hands on everything they create to help parents and grandparents disciple children in their homes! I know their content will be as beautiful, creative and dynamic as they are!”

— Shea (mom and student of Masters in Leadership)

“AMAZING team of women! Anointed for the task for sure!!”

— Rachel (author, speaker, podcast host)

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