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Why Family Discipleship Matters.

March 1, 2019 • General

Our third baby boy was a little closer than we had planned to the middle brother ahead of him. I remember bringing him home from the hospital. It was the first time we packed up our van with our three-year-old,…

5 Tips You Can Do In 5 Minutes (Before You Open Your Krate With Your Kids)

January 11, 2019 • General

I promise you will thank me for these tips… We had been waiting for our first box to show up at our front door since the moment we subscribed. Our first KFK arrived a couple days before the first of…

Best Children’s Storybook Bibles for Family Discipleship

January 11, 2019 • General

Strolling through the local Christian books store with all three of my boys is definitely not a calm or pleasant experience. Even on the rare occasion that I’m able to run that errand alone, I can find myself overwhelmed by…

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