DIY Friendship Bracelet
Here’s how to make your friendship bracelet in July’s Kamp KFK!

Steps 1-4 are in shown in the image below. Steps 5-9 are the video at the bottom. Enjoy!

  1. Use the white “tape” to secure the three straws together in a row on one end of the straws.
  2. Thread the 3 blue yarn pieces through the straws. One piece through each straw. If needed, you can use the dowel rod provided for week 4 to poke them through. Tie the three strings together into a knot on the taped end. Leave extra string on the other end so you can tie it into a bracelet when finished.
  3. Secure the taped end of the straws down to your table with the second piece of white “tape”. Or you can use something heavy like a book.
  4. Using the long piece of rainbow yarn, tie a knot on the top straw. Then start weaving by going under the middle straw, over the bottom straw.

5. Reverse directions, and go under the bottom straw, over the middle, under the top and back again, tightening your loops close together as you go.

6. After you’ve weaved all the way down the straws, tie the rainbow yarn into a SINGLE knot around the straw you ended on.

7. Remove the tape from the table and the straws. Carefully slide the straws out of the bracelet.

8. Now tie the 4 strings on the other end of the bracelet into a knot as close to the weaving as you can get. 

9. Wrap the bracelet around your child’s wrist and tie it into a knot. Trim off any extra string. Let your friendship bracelet remind you that you have a friend in Jesus! 


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  • Jun 30, 2020
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